Now the days are getting longer, yet stress and anxieties are ever present and many people are seeking out help to cope. The pandemic has turned life as we know it upside down and it can help to talk through what it has meant for you. I’ve recently thought a lot about the fees which I charge and I have decided for the 7th year running not to increase them. I feel very strongly that mental health services need to be accessible and affordable, so if you have decided to seek out private counsellors rather than waiting for an NHS referral, I still charge £30 per individual per hour, couples are £50.

Prices for counselling services are:

£30 for each 60 minute individual session.

£50 for each 60 minute couple session.

Please contact Jane to discuss your personal requirements or for more information.

Click Counselling Practice offers professional counselling in Cheshire, UK, by a qualified counsellor for a range of life problems.